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Retrospecticus: Monday Morning Movie Quarterback

A few months ago, I said that I was going to take things seriously, and then I did.  The results surprised me a little.  I wrote 38 posts in three months, versus 59 posts over the previous 21.  Despite the extra work, I enjoyed it more than I had in a while, and it seems like you did too: I got more views and viewers … Continue reading Retrospecticus: Monday Morning Movie Quarterback

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On Having Taken Things Seriously

After a long hiatus, two months ago I posted about taking blogging seriously, and how I was hoping to move past some writer’s block (or is it blogger’s block?) and get back to what made me want to reserve such a ridiculously named WordPress domain in the first place – arguing about what makes movies work.  I thought that maybe focusing on something specific would … Continue reading On Having Taken Things Seriously

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Shocktober Returns

I procrastinated quite a bit when it came time to pick my first theme for the new and improved Monday Morning Movie Quarterback (still a terrible name), but then – a procrastinator’s dream come true! – the solution was forced upon me. In honor of October, Halloween, and my brief and not super successful dive into horror last year, I’m going to try again.  Check … Continue reading Shocktober Returns

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I Was Nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award (a long time ago)

So over eight (!) months ago, Lindsay Acland nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Lindsay was one of my first followers and my first commenter, and her interest in what I was writing gave me huge boost of confidence as my blog was just starting. In other words, I am a total jerk for taking this long to respond. Hopefully my previous post explained … Continue reading I Was Nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award (a long time ago)

My thoughts on this blog

As my three or four actual readers may notice (not being self-deprecating here, just reporting the dose of reality that is the “stats” function offered by WordPress), there is no movie poster to start this post.  So it’s not about a movie, but rather movies in general and this blog specifically. About eleven months ago, I came up with my goals for the next year … Continue reading My thoughts on this blog