About this blog

michigan theater ann arbor

I started this blog because multiple friends told me I should write about movies, most likely because they were sick of me talking about them all the time.  My wife has been the most encouraging of all due to the fact that she routinely endures more 10 minute answers to “What did you think of (insert title here)?” than anyone else.

For the first year of its existence, I tried to pin down the format for Monday Morning Movie Quarterback.  Was it going to be reviews, examinations of what worked and what didn’t, or – actually living up to its title – a summary the changes I would make in a film?  After waffling for over a year, I decided on all three.  Then I managed to burn myself out by writing a lot more reviews than anything else, and recently decided to resurrect the blog but with more of a focus on a topic than a film per se.  (We’ll see what that changes to next year.)

Although all posts will include a warning both in the category and in the body of the post itself, some will be full of spoilers.

Recently, my passion for learning how movies are made has equaled my passion for watching them – but I am still “self taught,” as they say.  So as my writing evolves from “I didn’t like that scene” to “the blocking and camera movements were distracting,” I continue to rely on the following: The AV Club movie reviews, as well as its internet film school and scenic routes features (at least before its ill-advised migration to Kinja); The Dissolve (RIP), its podcast and its descendant’s podcast The Next Picture Show; the DGA’s podcast The Director’s Cut and The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith (in small doses); and YouTube channels Every Frame a Painting (RIP?), Channel Criswell, Lessons from the Screenplay, Now You See It, and Patrick (H) Willems.

Photo credit: “Michigan Theater downtown Ann Arbor” by Andypiper, used under CC BY, cropped from original