About me

Josh Hammond

I grew up in a family that loved to go to the movies, mainly because it was a relatively affordable way to entertain four people that didn’t involve athletic activity or being outside. The first movie I ever saw at the theater was Return of the Jedi, and I loved it and the experience so much that I demanded they show it again, refused to leave, and then hid in the theater until I was dragged out.

My love for movies turned into an obsession during my college years. I was blessed with friends and roommates who loved to go to the movies, a college town with two great theaters that showed a mix of classic, independent, and studio films, and a little sister who worked at my hometown theater and thus offered me an endless supply of free tickets over the summer. Things got a little out of hand, however: in one year I saw 81 movies on the big screen, in addition to about 100 more in my dorm room. And I wasn’t even a film major.

That passion has resurfaced as I’ve gotten more into blogging over the past three years. I quickly found I enjoy learning about how movies are made almost as much as I enjoy watching the movies themselves (the same can’t be said for my friends and family, who are now as sick of me talking about shot composition as they were of me talking about movies in general).  My education has been pretty limited: basically the resources listed on “About this blog” as well as shows and documentaries like The Chair, Project Greenlight, Overnight, The Death of Superman Lives, and Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. But, as Roger Ebert once said, anyone can analyze a scene just by paying attention and thinking through what he or she is seeing. As I’ve watched and learned more, I notice things (like well-framed shots or organic camera movement) I never did before.

To sum up, I have no experience, education, or special knowledge – in other words, I am perfectly qualified to offer my opinion.