Trainwreck is a Judd Apatow movie, for better and for worse

amy schumer john cena trainwreck

I first fell in love with Judd Apatow via Undeclared, but I haven’t enjoyed a single movie of his other than The 40 Year-Old Virgin, so I’m not sure why I keep seeing them.  Despite being written by and starring Amy Schumer, Trainwreck has all of the same problems as his other films.  Most of the funniest lines and scenes go to the supporting cast and not the main character (shout out to John Cena – hence his presence in the image above – for consistently being the best thing in the movie), bits that are funny to Apatow but not to the audience go on interminably, and it’s about an hour too long.

Based on Amy Schumer’s reputation and the buzz surrounding her show, I was expecting something a little more . . . paradigm busting.  Instead, Trainwreck is a relatively traditional Judd Apatow comedy.  It does avoid obvious cliches (I was expecting the relationship obstacle to be a relapse into hooking up on her part), but it’s hard to tell if that’s on purpose or because it wouldn’t have allowed as many celebrity or sports cameos.  10 years ago this was called Knocked Up, so I guess swapping Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen for Bill Hader and Amy Schumer counts as progress.

As an aside, I enjoy watching Judd Apatow movies if only to spot which of his friends from his standup days he’s found parts for.  Hey, Colin Quinn and Tim Meadows – good to see you guys.

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