My thoughts on this blog

As my three or four actual readers may notice (not being self-deprecating here, just reporting the dose of reality that is the “stats” function offered by WordPress), there is no movie poster to start this post.  So it’s not about a movie, but rather movies in general and this blog specifically.

About eleven months ago, I came up with my goals for the next year – some serious, some very trivial – and one of them (no kidding) was “movies – watch more, need to watch first run to make room for second run.”  I never thought that I, the parent of a one-year old and someone who likes to do things besides watch movies, would have seen over 40 movies since then.  And I think The Conversation and Picnic at Hanging Rock prove that I’ve definitely made it past “first run.”

I’m not sure exactly what this blog is supposed to communicate.  I guess it represents the kind of conversations I like to have after watching a movie – talking about what worked and what didn’t, if I liked it, and sometimes how I could’ve done it better.  (Apparently none of my readers are Hollywood talent scouts impressed with my ideas about American Sniper.)  As I reread some posts, they swing from traditional movie reviews to ruminations on what a movie made me think about.  Anyone hoping for me to decide on a format here will be disappointed.

I’m not sure what my goals are for the next eleven months.  Maybe to see more movies in theaters, as only three of the 40 were not watched at home.  That seems like a tall order for the parent of a two-year-old, but eleven months from now I may end up eating these words as well.

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